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We're well on our way to production!

Hey WanderBrush family it's Helen here,

Thank you for patiently waiting to hear from us and for all the kind words of encouragement and beautiful messages we’ve been receiving.

Times are a little uncertain due to the pandemic as we are heading into our third month of lockdown here in Sydney until the end of September with no news of whether it will be extended even further. We have been given strict stay at home orders and this has been a little bit of a setback for us.

I appreciate all your support and patience. I understand it is frustrating and I am doing my absolute best to get WanderBrush in your hands. I am just as eager as you are to see WanderBrush in the world. It doesn’t benefit us in any way withholding the production of WanderBrush and if we could do it any faster we would. This is a very diligent process that is made even more challenging with the pandemic.

I wish you could all see how much of my heart and soul has been placed on this project and I will not stop working until the redesign is complete and WanderBrush is manufactured to yours and our quality standard.

We are very close to the finish line of the design and we’ve been going through countless 3D prototypes to ensure our design is as accurate as possible before we manufacture.

I will write an update once the design is complete and we are ready for production. I look forward to sharing happy news with you all soon! Thank you all once again. Stay safe and well. Until the next update 😃

- Helen and The WanderBrush Team